Highlighted Main Ancestral Lines

Highlighted Main Ancestral Lines
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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Rootstech Saturday and Close

   The final day of rootstech is two words Amazing, Crowded.  We had more folks than 2015 but it was still quite managable and so many many youth - seeing them is always a highlight of excitement for us to know the future generations are embracing their first steps in journeys we each began so long ago, just as unsure, uncertain, and in my case at least so very hopeful that these family mysteries can be tackled some time in our lifetimes so that posterity doesn't have more questions than answers - if such a thing is possible in any genealogical endeavor - part of the perpetual fun with frustration I guess!

     I didn't get as much interactions with the youth as I'd like, but I hope seeing a guy in his 40's in a bright Luau shirt and a Tee bearing one of our country's earliest historical documents on it with a big smile wandering confidently through their midst proved this all can be more than a little fun.  You can actually have a blast when not being mistook by a fellow blogger for buddy Thomas MacEntee - that guy passing out prizes at the MyHeritage event on stage the previous night at the Marriott.  LOL Indeed!

    I have most of my cards left and a bunch of ribbons all of which I unreasonably for a second year at the event expected to hand out every last one.  At least I was wise enough not to post a wetpaint address on each that would change to wikifoundry URL address  just weeks after the even - domain challenge blues!
They are all keepsakes and this years can be used at future evens alone or in tandem with newer more improved Genodocsian versions.  After all, I had intended on cool MOO printfinity cards with a different back design on each, but this is a partly a start up and lower expenses in any endeavor from the onset are something each entreprenuerial success speaker at rootstech repeated.  Spend less up front and just get the successful idea out infront of potential investors.  SO sheaper vistaprint with a 50% off wins this year - but so do I with more swag!  Is it mere coincidence that Thomas MacEntee has dozens of unique PCnametag.com ribbon designs at the ready for our remarkable blogger group and his friends?  No - he has invested years of conferenceing and lessons learned which, when combined with his strikingly similar sense of humor, ends up with some great cheekey adult humor possbilities for future year's badge ribbons! 

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