Highlighted Main Ancestral Lines

Highlighted Main Ancestral Lines
How many Ancestors Can you Find?

Sunday, February 14, 2016

More Rootstech Wrap Up - Photos

There was a great deal of picture taking and here are the best photos I took of my experience outside of meeting individuals:  Register and get your bag of goodies:
 Behind the scenes Expo Hall tour prior to keynote Thursday.  Ambassadors also enjoyed a very nice media dinner the night before with an extended look at Paula Madison Williams video and heard her speak more!

Ambassador view entering the keynote area from behind the curtains headed for the Thursday VIP seating!

Following the keynote we were able to see the largest chart in the world actually hanging in the Expo Hall
after we saw them unrolling its pieces onto the floor during the tour.  Back view:

The front or obverse of this chart was impressive also even with the 3-D looking fellow atop a ladder writing in areas that needed to be filled out (zoom at right).

 Pat R Erickson AKA Dear Myrt earned the second Genedocs cap and only Heritage Series 2016 Edition created thus far given away by being the first person to ever video interview the Founder of Genedocs.

You simply have to ask other strangers to take your photo sometimes - a nice young lady managed to capture my raw enthusiasm at the conference logo fountain after Thursday's wonderful time!
 Which you can clearly see is a stark contrast to how I plainly began the same day just hours earlier !

 Rootstech will change you and for the better I must add!  You may need to spend some money to make it happen, but you will leave wishing you had twice as much time and money to invest in this wonderful even bringing so many like minded industry leaders together for such a fun time together!

Friday meant losing the tie, the collared shirt and replacing them both with an even bigger smile!
A smile like the late comedian Robin Williams used in the film Patch Adams to encite a response from every passer-by:
   Yes this should and did do the trick - most peoples faces lit up whether they wanted to or not as they read this shirt and saw my big smile - they must have been thinking - "great, another completely crazy genealogy guy!"

Devon Lee made sure I attended her husband's Audacity freeware use with Genealogy session

KEYNOTES were all unexpectedly awesome!

                                          Familysearch CEO Steve Rockwood tells the audience
                                          what basis story telling has vs. pushing the genealogy side
                                          of what we enjoy so much.

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