Highlighted Main Ancestral Lines

Highlighted Main Ancestral Lines
How many Ancestors Can you Find?

Saturday, February 8, 2014

As rootstech 2014 wraps up today and the endorphin of all the fortunate attendees race wildly winding down after three days in genealogy euphoria, I have resumed blogging and welcome everyone to share this blog as the Opportunity Series begins.  Over 880 genealogy minded friends and family members have been reached on Facebook through the Genedocs Enhancements profile and everyone keeps loving it more and more that FREE templates that have been improved by someone who has sauntered through the trenches of tough research.  I am delighted to help as always, but must begin to focus on the business opportunity Genedocs presents...while the National Archives supports our small family, the bills have out grown it and we as degree holding Americans simply must earn a better living.

    I vow to keep the Forms Library FREE.

    I vow to add new Bonus and Series templates as time allows.

    I vow to not stop loving my family and working on my family tree.

   You can find the amazing stories of your family with only a little time and effort.

Have a phenomenal Valentines Day, February, tax filing season ;-) and 2014!

Preparing My Military Service Book as Rootstech 2014 Commences.

I am gladly knee deep in formatting my latest work for publication which should have been done a good while ago - preserving my own military service legacy in a written work.  It's hard not to specialize in military research after you have served and have so many family members who have not served.

     I know the cover isn't to rich on graphics and I have an idea for a relevant background image or two that would draw viewers in, but the writing is going really well within.  I am amazed at the number of names my brain can still recall - and a few that it is surprisingly struggling with!  It wasn't quite a lifetime ago (the 90's) but it is becoming more an more history each day that we don't preserve it.  Remembering how much easier it was just to find employment back then is truly remarkable compared to 2014 for most people even with degrees!  May America triumph over these tough times as well.

   Oh, also the table of contents aren't to exciting, but here is a shot of that as well:

Wishing I was at rootstech again, but I still keep very busy here with so much to do at home.
as always thanks for reading and remember to tell your military family members to record their stories too and soon before most is forgotten.