Highlighted Main Ancestral Lines

Highlighted Main Ancestral Lines
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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Rootstech Saturday and Beyond...

Ahhh...the end of another super conference melding genealogy types with technologists to break through frustrating hurdledes and pitfalls galore!

We the users almost always seem to win... well almost.  This year I would like to recount some of my wins a

and losses and maybe a few break evens - you go to a conference with certain expectations - some reasonable - some ambitious - some down right out of this world lottery odds probably not going to happen!

Here is my smiling proof of satisfied customer #1 - I asked a stranger to take this pic and it took two takes- this one is much better.

How many takes were needed for the promototional shot's photo at the right?  Way more than my two I am imagining.

I wasn't counting on photos with the former Governor or Doris K GOodwin who loved my bright shirt per her own words!  She's a great lady!

I couldn't get most of my group info cards out to the masses and retained a good stack of ribbons for next year.  

TECH WIN - I survived and did rather well running an smart phone with less than a week of use !  Still need to learn that video load to social media and patience and timing with photos of keynotes, but not too shabby for a brand newby!

LOSS - Slept less than 4 hours most days and missed two breakfasts , budgeting resources is always a heckle fest worthy endeavor in my astute opinion!  Look how Tru

HUGE WINS - look at all the friends I finally met and new ones too from FB mostly but all are really gold when you get together such kind like minded souls abound which is so refreshing and we are so adult but fun to the core - some comments I won't repeat here but when Genealogy and adult film industry are mentioned in the same breath - you know genealogists are getting wild and crazy!  Look at how friend True warmed up to this new found funny guy.  When I met her she was crying from laughing.  When we left Dear Myrt had her sad and teary so I got her another hug - we found out we both we prior military - both working with military police - both assigned to Korea practically the same years in the 90s.  Wow small world - thanks for letting us discover our vast common ground beyond the geneacrazy in each of us!  Shelley there with us is what Mom would have called a pickle too - great senses of humor abound in our group of blogging fun folks!   This is by no means my last post on people I met and great meaningful spent time with , but a dose you can handle before I head to the airport...

 Geneagblogger Randy Seaver
 Joe from 1812 and former NARA worker
 with Randy Whited (TX also) and also Eowyn all smiles
 with Teresa another one of my shadows :-)
with Miles all the way from FL - Friday and evening party together .

I can't miss my shuttle so I will close and prep for airport.

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