Rootstech 2014

Rootstech 2014
Another Great Year although not in Utah!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Rootstech 2015 Keynotes

.....I, like many, was amazed to learn Donnie Osmond would be a keynote speaker.  Then a prominent author was announced as another one.  Then David Archuletta and another top performing troop were announced.  most recently Laura and Jenna Bush were a huge surprise announcement that clearly will have heightened security in place.

I can't be the only one wondering if this was the vision Rootstech founders like Anne Roach had in mind when they started off on this remarkable adventure - at least the high end celebrity aspect of it.  Between performers and keynote speakers, I think a pinnacle was reached last year with Spencer Wells and some others although I really enjoyed the 2013 group more than I could ever have imagined.

Is anyone else left with a longing for more relevant stars of the genealogy world or will the venue continue to seek out huge names to draw even bigger and bigger record crowds of attendees in the years to come?

Regardless, even though 2015 is not possible for me to go, I am setting a goal to not only attend in 2016, but also strive to be a presenter, if not also a service vendor so you know I have big things planned for Genedocs to blossom in 2015.  Please join us in all the fun next year on facebooks Genedocs Templates group because...

The year has certainly flown by...again!  December has not been without its discoveries as I embark on a new chapter after promotion to Archives Technician at NARA:

1.  I am working on Dad's units awards and decorations from WWII before wrapping up a book on the mighty 410th Bomb Group and I think this misclassified as SECRET document might entitle the unit to a seventh campaign star on their ETO medal/Ribbon:

2.  A completely unexpected great group yearbook photo from Brookings SD college showed up on from 1922 also (front row third from left):

Discoveries like these at least a few times a year remind us as family researchers just why our time and effort spent are so very worth it!

Whether you find yourself this December with family in the same room, a phone call away, or halfway around the world and just jotting a few lines of holiday spirit, be sure to include something special for the family to remember in the coming years - we hold the power to make some great family memories every day!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Genedocs Templates membership still Exploding on Facebook

In August much of the work I had done over the past four years as Genedocs Enhancements and Genedocs Wetpaint was suddenly lost after I had a marathon membership push in one weekend with the new group Genedocs Templates.  Facebook shut down my main profile and I was left only with my name profile all because they claimed Genedocs didn't appear to be a name.  The group remained with its 1273+ members gained in just two days and a couple of members took over as admins in my confused social networking state.  I rebounded claimed my rightful place as the founder now under my own name and pressed on.

We now have almost 2100 members in just a few months - it took four years to gain the 1300+ friends of Genedocs enhancements so the Group is much more effective!  Also the group adds the following perks:

1. The File area contains all the templates for FREE download to members
    That's 30 Featured templates, 10 bonus templates, and many more series exclusives like the new Military research log format/version:

2. The threads allow for multiple examples to be on display and explained including how to tutorials when members aren't sure how something is actually done.

3.  Member only content like links to private videos showing how to do more complex tasks like crop people out of portraits, use GIMP to alter view angle perspective, and inserting cropped ancestors onto altered chart perspective views.

You should be joining us on facebook if you haven't already - just search Genedocs Templates!  See you there!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Back to Blogging after a Family Death

I need to post a piano composition honor departed Mark Flugge

I am working on a piece and then yesterday, I combined a haunting minor melody with lyrics from Thanotopsis by William Cullen Bryant and it is worthy of a recording even in its infancy!

Genedocs Templates: New 2014 Facebook Group Spreading Like Wildfire!

Nearly 1,800 members today - 1,274 of them added in the Groups first two days - see what all the excitement is about with this grass roots give it all to them for free genea-effort!

All of the templates are being shared in the file area - featured, bonuse, series exclusives, examples, tutorials and even private Youtube how to demonstrations for the 3-D effects everyone loves.  Please join us!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

KEY UPDATE:  What is going on?  Where did Genedocs Enhancements go on facebook !!??!!??

Answers:  If you are on facebook, then let this be a huge warning - if you have a profile name for a hobby, change it right away to a person's name or variant of your own!  Facebook can delete it in an instant and without warning if you do not.  That is what killed Genedocs Enhancements formerly Genedocs Wetpaint for over 1,200 long time friends and followers.

What was lost?  About 2,000 genealogy minded friends and family and thousands of photos

However, all was not lost!

Just days before, I had established a brand new facebook group called Genedocs Templates that astonishingly welcomed over 1,250 new members in only its first two days of being up and running.
In its first week we are still seeing new members and are nearly at 1,300 strong!

Join this group where the actual templates of Genedocs and Examples of each are all in one convenient and dynamic place!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

April 5th 2014:  Genedocs Enhancements on Facebook finally reached the Milestone of 1,000 genealogy minded friends!  Maybe rootstech 2015 T-Shirts will look like the image above.  Who knows what comes next?  It will need to be outstanding to top the past three years of networking, school, and moving thousands of boxes each day for NARA.

Perhaps Rootstech will go 3-D with their logo next year.  Who knows?

Maybe a disc can store images up to 10 or 20 lifetimes, but who will be around to vouch for it lasting that long and still working in the year 3014?