Highlighted Main Ancestral Lines

Highlighted Main Ancestral Lines
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Saturday, December 5, 2020


2020 Blogging Last Thing on Many Researchers' Minds:

Since before the U.S. Government Shutdown and Stay at Home orders in mid March We had and continue to have a deadly Pandemic with the Covid-19 "Corona" Virus and though it caused me to stay at home much of this year, sadly I elected not to blog.  Partly because social media was hugely distracting with all the political strife over who would be the 26th President of the United States following the astounding past four years, this years deadly Pandemic, and hopefully heal so much of what America needs to survive and thrive as a world leader during such trying times demanding tremendous personal and community resilience from the Atlantic to the Pacific span of the country and well beyond our own borders to long standing allies suffering similarly in their own cherished beautiful sovereign lands.

Did I personally get any research done - not hardly any that I recall unless it was related to ancestors living during the last pandemic in 1917-1919...it is hard to believe I was working on the world's last Pandemic Records for the U.S. Food Administration on a NARA work project just a few years ago and now we are sack dab in the middle of the next contagious world afflicting deadly virus just over 100 years later!

Yes the Spanish Flu pandemic lasted two whole years apparently and none of us can imagine going through a repeat of this year's craziness the overturned so much of day to day living no matter where you were, what your class level, what you thought you knew, who you supported, etc .  It is a shock that two NIELSEN great grandparents both died within three weeks of one another's passing both of that very deadly Spanish Flu in Denmark in the final year of that dreadful global disease.

  It was just as much as a shock that our paternal grandfather Richard Jelle, who later married one of their eldest grand daughters Dorothy, was to become the victim of TB while serving in WWI in the Philippines with another brother who I found the document at NARA showing they embarked from Angle Isle San Francisco out on the same ship the U.S. A. T. Sherman.  (Document and ship Images below) Richard was raised in part by an aunt from Norway because TB took his mother when he was just an infant revealing another reason siblings are so very much worth researching in any family as they are a huge part of why/how we even made it here and likely how/why some of our descendants will make it to the future on earth as well.

Richard also personally handed family another post card from his return trip from the pacific clearly via Nagasaki, JAPAN on the U.S. A. T. Thomas shown below.


2020 Had some positive sides to the down time like when MyHeritage offered Photo Enhancement and Colorization for Free to ALL Members through September - here are but a few of the best examples of my delights with using both those features for turning barely legible faces into crystal clear heirloom and book worthy delightful visual improvements!:

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Genedocs Templates Facebook group reaches 8,000 members!

Related image

It has been far too long since I last posted to my blog, but clearly have been quite busy since in the end of May 2019 we finally crested the 8,000 member mark.  I extend sincere thanks to all who have helped spread the word to like minded folks around the globe to reach this amazing goal.

Saturday, December 30, 2017


It is official - I have not blogged this year until today.  However, I have remained remarkably busy under considerable stress levels at work as well.  Here is a recap of 2017's biggest mentions:

November - Genedocs Templates group surpassed the initial 7,000 member milestone !!!

On Ancestry I stumbled across the passenger list of the Sherman WWI Army transport from San Francisco to Manila with our grandfather Richard Jelle and his brother Henry both listed on the same page.

We attended two great family weddings from September - November !!!

I also began a group for Nerf Rival in the local area - need more outdoor active recreation ;-)

I would have more but a PC crash left much inaccessible :-(

Monday, April 11, 2016

Family Legacy Protection 101

Who do you pay to protect your legacy on a regular basis to ensure it is safe from all reasonable threats?

     1. An Attorney?
     2. An Accountant?
     3. A Legacy Preservation Expert?
     4. A Surviving Former Victim of Harsh Attacks on their Family Legacy?

If you don't have all four covered, then your legacy is the most vulnerable to the threats most folks never see coming.

Who do you trust to bequeath your monetary legacy is one key part of protecting all you have worked so hard for over past decades, but there is much more than money to your legacy!

Who do you trust to bequeath your photographic and genealogical legacy?

Who do you entrust to bequeath your intellectual property?

Who will you be able to trust with your digital and on-line legacy?

It is a great deal to consider, but if you knew how things will turn out if you overlook each of these key legacy considerations, you would never wish the consequences upon any honorable person on earth.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

More Rootstech 2016

 Who would have thought we would all be donning medical masks this year?
 Beng an Ambassador, you get an up close and personal view of the stage and great periphery like this:
The expo hall is a huge reason many people come - hundreds of vendors all in one spot with new, improved, and exciting products and services!  What's not to love?
 Read the advert about this one that stood out for iphone users.

Geneabloggers abound in the media hub - where was I for this shot?  Photoshop specialist ahoy...
We were provided a great palace Map:

We were provided a decent Expo Hall Map:

Tami Osmer Mize ensured the vendor list was organized since the app didn't seem to be up at all:
Alphabetically first...
Then by vendor # to mate up with the map:
If you met me, then you were given one of these to adhere to your conference badge - Saturday folks wore wristbands which seemed a deterrent to the ribbon joy, but better creative planning next time ;-)

My planned schedule with purple check marks of my actual attended events - missing 7 sessions is not bad at all given all the folks I spent quality time with in lieu of each block of instruction.

I gave away more Genedocs hats than in 2013 and Carol advised we need to have a raffle for them next time!  I almost gave away some precious T-shirts just to be able to bring my conference bag back to TX.

I might even show up unexpectedly behind you at an after hours MyHeritage after party event with games, snacks, karaoke, and more!

 Rootstech is a blast no matter what year you decide to go - just make the most of every opportunity and encounter with every one you can meet!

More Rootstech Wrap Up - Photos

There was a great deal of picture taking and here are the best photos I took of my experience outside of meeting individuals:  Register and get your bag of goodies:
 Behind the scenes Expo Hall tour prior to keynote Thursday.  Ambassadors also enjoyed a very nice media dinner the night before with an extended look at Paula Madison Williams video and heard her speak more!

Ambassador view entering the keynote area from behind the curtains headed for the Thursday VIP seating!

Following the keynote we were able to see the largest chart in the world actually hanging in the Expo Hall
after we saw them unrolling its pieces onto the floor during the tour.  Back view:

The front or obverse of this chart was impressive also even with the 3-D looking fellow atop a ladder writing in areas that needed to be filled out (zoom at right).

 Pat R Erickson AKA Dear Myrt earned the second Genedocs cap and only Heritage Series 2016 Edition created thus far given away by being the first person to ever video interview the Founder of Genedocs.

You simply have to ask other strangers to take your photo sometimes - a nice young lady managed to capture my raw enthusiasm at the conference logo fountain after Thursday's wonderful time!
 Which you can clearly see is a stark contrast to how I plainly began the same day just hours earlier !

 Rootstech will change you and for the better I must add!  You may need to spend some money to make it happen, but you will leave wishing you had twice as much time and money to invest in this wonderful even bringing so many like minded industry leaders together for such a fun time together!

Friday meant losing the tie, the collared shirt and replacing them both with an even bigger smile!
A smile like the late comedian Robin Williams used in the film Patch Adams to encite a response from every passer-by:
   Yes this should and did do the trick - most peoples faces lit up whether they wanted to or not as they read this shirt and saw my big smile - they must have been thinking - "great, another completely crazy genealogy guy!"

Devon Lee made sure I attended her husband's Audacity freeware use with Genealogy session

KEYNOTES were all unexpectedly awesome!

                                          Familysearch CEO Steve Rockwood tells the audience
                                          what basis story telling has vs. pushing the genealogy side
                                          of what we enjoy so much.