Highlighted Main Ancestral Lines

Highlighted Main Ancestral Lines
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Sunday, February 14, 2016

A Week to Reflect on Rootstech - What You Wear and Who You Can Meet

It was an amazingly wild week for an Ambassador,  a furious flurry of a week for a fellow developer, a bit intimidating week for an entrepreneur, and one of the most exciting weeks for a passionate genealogist.

Just packing right resulted in this series of attire for the four day event:

   WED                                      THU                                       FRI                                        

But more importantly were the great cohort ambassadors, bloggers, Facebookers, and Genedocs followers and even group members I met:

                                          Shelley Murphy, Me, True Lewis, and Peggy Lauritzen in pink behind us!

                                         True, Shelley, and Thomas MacEntee moments later.
                                          With Teresa Ricketts who ended up with Genedocs cap #2!
                                          With Joe above at the Preserve the Pensions (1812) booth
                                          With Randy Whited TXSGS President and Eowyn Langholf of WikiTree
                                          My shot of Miles Meyer from Florida with me.
                                          Miles' shot of us enjoying not winning dozens of prizes - Ha!
                                          True meeting up in the media hub for more smiles.
                                          Randy Seaver was nice enough to shoot True and I so
                                          turnabout is fair play!
                                           Katherine Willson and I have been talking about finding
                                           the right time and place to meet up and BAM!  Rootstech
      2016 became just the right spot
                                                        Becky Jamison and I have also been Facebook
                                                        friends for several years and it was great to have a
                                                        new huggable Genedocs supporter live in my midst.

Not tracked down photos of yet folks are: Tami Osmer Mize, Peggy C. Lauritzen, and a few other notables!

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