Highlighted Main Ancestral Lines

Highlighted Main Ancestral Lines
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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Dennis Brimhall / CEO of Familysearch.org
- Only Two Survivors Within Reach After WWII,
- Rootstech Global Vision,
- New Familysearch Logo!

Ancestry Insider blog  here has some great coverage too at  http://ancestryinsider.blogspot.com/

Genedocs' take:

Immigration Records and Itialian Records Digitization Projects

Q: "What will out great great grandchildren wish we would have done/"
A: "Record and Preserve therich fabric of our lives."

Amazing Share:
His father was shot down in WWII bomber and taken as a POW by the Germans.  Dnnis' daughter published a book on this small key swath of fabric entitled " My Mission to Fulfill".  Also his father had been living fin the same town for decades with the only other survivor of the shot down planes of that bombing mission.  They actually exchanged a glanc and two words on the chute decent down into the sky amidst firey hunks of their respective planes - the other fwllow falling faster with a burning chute!  The two words the other fellow said to him on the way down:  "Hey buddy".  That other fellow actually took photos of Dennis' father's plane as it was shot and busrt into flames and the film survived too for his daughters book on her grandfather!  The antiaircraft flak was overwhelming and the film captures such a pivotal life or death moment for Dennis' father as he was violently hurled out of the burning falling wreckage.  The two men had no idea for years and years that theylived in thesame town and passed one another doubtlessly dozens if not hundreds of times until one day they identified a unit patch in common while close enogh once again to exchange comments.  "hey buddy" became two unbelievable words in a split second.

 more to follow

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