Highlighted Main Ancestral Lines

Highlighted Main Ancestral Lines
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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Collecting Fabric of a Life: Thomas MacEntee

Sponsored by Flip Pal scanners

    Thomas is a joy to interact with and very knowledgable about his subject material, but not so much that he doesn't allow for plenty of audience input of ideas and solutions.  He has developed a very comfortable style for listeners in each class.  Even without a plethora of multicolored genablogger beads, he handled this one with the class and expertise I expected.  Great Job Thomas!

    Touch Matters - it brings out the character or texture which brings added value!

     Family History has contours and edges like many heirlooms we collect and try to preserve

     Medals and jewelry require black cloth behind to scan best 3D image

__ - Create a Library of 3D Images
__ - Collect every item determine if can be scanned
__ - If can't scan, then photograph
__ - Use simple background for better detail
__ - Protect the item in its current condition
__ -  Take inventory create a scanning to do list
__ - scan upholstery of family furntire & use as background for blog, scrapbook, etc

82 Scans of a Quilt stiched together in about 15 minutes!

__ - Medals, buttons Coins - his father was in Korea (Marine?)
        are all scannable items
__ - Containers Carved wood boxes/urns
__ - Qults

TO fix Blurs, lighting issues, edges off line, free software with flip pal or use Picture Manager,Photoshop, or GIMP.

__ - Family Group Sheet - his mother was 1 of 12 children (FGS+ Anyone?)

   Use Drop Box  - 2 GB free space - tablet and Iphone supported
   Carbonite is very popular
   Backblaze is a NEW SPONSOR this year! - Covering Demo Area Costs


Select an appropriate Background
Flag or Flag colored Stationary for Medals
or othe relevant topics


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