Saturday, March 30, 2013


Phenomenal presentation on her grandmother's banana cookie recipe!

All about the Wow momnets in life we want to capture.

Jyll gave us all her grandmother's recipe AND a recipe for maximizing wow momnents:

    1.  Create the WOW!

    2.  Capture the WOW!

    3.  Archive the WOW!

    4.  Share to WOW!

Tim Sullivan / CEO

Beginners -----   Experts   --------      Well Grounded  (Novice to Pro)

   - 45 million trees @ Ancestry
   - 4 Billion people listed in trees @ Ancestry
   - 2.7 million subscribers @

NOT ALL INFO IN is correct! LOL!
just like all assuptions in research are not proven true

NEWS :  very near New mobile app
Facts over 1/3 of registration coming from mobile devices  = younger new generation
Launched DNA Svc in May 2012 120K+
2 million + 4th cousin connections made

more people needed
New reduced cost of $99.00 per test for everyone


1.7 billion new records
+ incl Billion names from city directories
+ morepeth Ireland collection'

Looking Ahead

INVESTING in content $100 million wil be committed to digitization in next five years = $20 million a year!
Exciting collaboration with Family Search
to digitize 140 million pages of U.S. Probate Records & index wills, records of admin, etc from 1800 - 1930! over a three year period!!!

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