Highlighted Main Ancestral Lines

Highlighted Main Ancestral Lines
How many Ancestors Can you Find?

Saturday, March 30, 2013


Phenomenal presentation on her grandmother's banana cookie recipe!

All about the Wow momnets in life we want to capture.

Jyll gave us all her grandmother's recipe AND a recipe for maximizing wow momnents:

    1.  Create the WOW!

    2.  Capture the WOW!

    3.  Archive the WOW!

    4.  Share to WOW!

Tim Sullivan / Ancestry.com CEO

Beginners -----   Experts   --------      Well Grounded  (Novice to Pro)

   - 45 million trees @ Ancestry
   - 4 Billion people listed in trees @ Ancestry
   - 2.7 million subscribers @ ancestry.com

NOT ALL INFO IN ancestry.com is correct! LOL!
just like all assuptions in research are not proven true

NEWS :  very near New mobile app
Facts over 1/3 of registration coming from mobile devices  = younger new generation
Launched DNA Svc in May 2012 120K+
2 million + 4th cousin connections made

more people needed
New reduced cost of $99.00 per test for everyone


1.7 billion new records
+ incl Billion names from city directories
+ morepeth Ireland collection'

Looking Ahead

INVESTING in content $100 million wil be committed to digitization in next five years = $20 million a year!
Exciting collaboration with Family Search
to digitize 140 million pages of U.S. Probate Records & index wills, records of admin, etc from 1800 - 1930! over a three year period!!!

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