Highlighted Main Ancestral Lines

Highlighted Main Ancestral Lines
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Saturday, January 11, 2014

My Amazing Great Grandparents # 8 - 15

My research began with a fascinating great grandparent responsible for granting us the Jelle name after travelling from Norway in 1882 so why not pay tribute to all of my great grandparents?

#8 Jacob H Jelle: (Dad at left with Jake seated (after 1932))

Jake was a brick mason in the Garretson, SD area who came to America in 1882 from Odda, Hardanger, Norway.  He and two wives brought up 9 kids from three marriages. He lived near in MN near the SD border for many years prior to moving to Garretson and remarrying his brother's widow.

Inger and Jake in 1884 - likely Wedding portrait together

#9 Inger Oliner Olson: 

Great grandma Inger has a really short life passing from TB at age 30.  She was from Malselv, troms, Norway and they likely met on the ship.  Her legacy was three healthy sons.

#10 John Martin Nelson:

Martin as he was referred to was another ancestor who traveled from Denmark to the US with his whole family.  he farmed a fraction on the MN Sd border for years and years.

#11 Victor Gustaf Edlund:

Victor is yet another emigrant ancestor who came from Hogsby and Gotteborg to New York.  He ran his own hamburger shop in El Campo, TX

#12 Bertha M Tucker 

Bertha was mother of eight kids with Victor.

#14 John T Dawes  - Postmaster murdered in Crockett, TX

#15 Johnnie A Gause

Johnnie was a remarkable widow raising eight children mostly by herself after husband J. T. was murdered.

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