Highlighted Main Ancestral Lines

Highlighted Main Ancestral Lines
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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Why is there a FREE Life Legacy Changing Forms Series among the Genedocs Featured Forms?

1. Death is as real as the life we live every day.  As surely as each breath we take occurs, one day it will all stop for every person on earth (and in space).

2. We really need tools to deal with the reality of death as it pertains to the most deeply impacting events on our family's life.

3.  I have used the emergency wallet card since death knocked on our door and welcomed our mother from this life to the next, followed by our father 4 months later, our maternal grand mother 2 months after that, and finally our maternal grandfather and last living ancestor 13 months later. 

.......In an emergency or after your next family member death, it is wise to have a card to help know who to call/notify, have key information that will be needed on hand, and have as identification for minor children not old enough to carry a driver's license.

4.  I have seen far too many people sitting in a funeral home without a clue about the vital statistics of a lost loved on that are required to get a death certificate which is the key to unlocking every much needed benefit after a death.

5.  I have drafted four family obituaries for my closest four ancestors and know the value of including pertinant genealogical data within that will apply to researchers generations from now.

6.  I have dealt with the pain of a lawsuit  and inheritance hijacking all stemming from when one family member over planned and their ancestor under planned and under communicated leaving your and your siblings a huge mess to try and straighten out on the worst days of your lives and know estate planning is about solutions not problems, financial planning is about future dreams not past bumblings, and your legacy is worrth fighting every day for whether it be millions of dollars or just one priceless ancestor's photo that dozens of cousins will be spending decades looking for.

7.  I know you love your family enough to want to leave the most loving an meaningful legacy you are able to.




  1. Is there a link to this free chart?

    1. Sure Randy - sorry for the delayed reply...there are over 30 templates created in MS Office at www.gdinnovativeformslibrary.wetpaint.com

      The one here is listed at the bottom after you click view all, as 25 Recommended Wish List. Thanks for reading!