2016 Rootstech Ambassador

2016 Rootstech Ambassador
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Highlighted Main Ancestral Lines
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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Thanks to my Statistics Class, Planning a June Vacation, and a busy work schedule, I have clearly been a bit understandably derelect in my duty as a blogger.  I do apologize and now that Summer is here, I hope to manage a few more moments for this forum of Genedocs that several people really enjoy.

     Make no mistake, I took Genedocs and other projects with me on vacation and actually made some research headway like:

   - Locating my father and his family in the 1940 US Census covering Hot Springs, SD.

   - Working out new Genedocs Designs

   - Deciding on a long walk with my sister that it is about time Genedocs became a successful business(finally! - the time and effort invested in our best work needs to generate a worthwhile return on that investment) 

   - Playing my newer music on my brother-in-law's baby grand.

I also realize that the improvements made need collaboration with others to be brought to full fruition - like the necklace shared below by a female freind on facebook.  It is a great adaptation of the same concept the pocket photo pedigree was designed for - sharing generation of ancestors photos, yet, in necklace form, it clearly needs not be stored 95% of the time in your pocket, wallet or purse so bravo to the ladies helping me realize this legacy jewelry concept!


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