Highlighted Main Ancestral Lines

Highlighted Main Ancestral Lines
How many Ancestors Can you Find?

Saturday, February 4, 2012

RootsTech Winding Down / Updates

FEB NEWS: "Over 4,100 attend SLC Conference!"
Whether you went to the rootsTech 2012 Conference and got your t-shirt or not, Genedocs did not win any prizes this year, but is still proud to have competed with submitting a new data entry version of the Hybrid Chart (image example below).
Hybrid Chart with a few "related fellas" added for 3D effect.

The submissions that did win do seem to be impressive so be sure to visit the developers challenge page in the next day or two to check them out.

Anyway February is now officially on its way and my mission carries on to introduce y'all to this month's first Featured Form: The Genedocs Improved Research Log

Try it out for FREE at: http://gdinnovativeformslibrary.wetpaint.com/
(fourth attachment at the bottom of the linked page)

You may quickly notice many of the advantages of this form. For instance, it's simple check box/common life area format, the easy to use reminder columns for what to be sure to note about sources you find useful, and even they type of source identifiers per the legend at the bottom. This is a fourth generation improvment, but essentially has the same format as it did when originally designed nearly a decade ago in 2001. It also corresponds very nicely with last month's filing tools of folder cover sheet and file tabs. One thing to note is that you may want to have an additional line for AKAs and Nick names as well as sheets for various mispellings that we all come across from time to time in sur, maiden, and given names.

I hope it is helpful in both your hardcopy and digital research endeavors.

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