Highlighted Main Ancestral Lines

Highlighted Main Ancestral Lines
How many Ancestors Can you Find?

Saturday, February 25, 2012

2nd February Featured Form:

Finals are over for this session of college so now I can manage some time to share one of the highest points of innovation to date in the Featured Forms Series with you - The Genedocs Hybrid Chart.

Ancestry.com version

What began as a result of frustration from jumping back and forth between traditional pedigree charts and family group sheets has emerged a pioneering precedent in family tree charting that now can combine ancestry, sibling data, multiple portraits, embedded source document images, unlimited custom comments, three dimensional effects, and more using just one commonly available application - Microsoft Excel. I can't count the times about how people have posted on the internet where I have read they were seeking an all in one form. Little did I know five years ago that I'd be creating one!


- Three Ancestors per page keep a simple family group view
- Up to 12 or more siblings can be listed in birth order per
(For up to 24 children in a family group use the Genedecs Improved FGS)
- You can choose to add one portrait per ancestor or a portrait of
each ancestor as adult and child
if you have found and identified
such treasures in your research.
- Sibling portraits can be added too and even a spouse portrait if you
- Actual source doc images can be viewed and enlarged plenty enough to read details!
- Unlimited custom comments with options to hover over cell to view, always view, print as displayed on sheet, etc.

Try the template at the following link - They are FREE!


I highly recommend that researchers become savvy practicing in MS Paint or other image editing software like GIMP (free) to be able combine images of ancestors as adult and child with vital statistics - you may alsosee in the image above how a filing system can be much more searcher friendly with these custom labels as mentioned last month.

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