Highlighted Main Ancestral Lines

Highlighted Main Ancestral Lines
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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Talented Tuesday - Our Musical (and Other) Roots

Do you have a string of of generations in certain branches with an apparent flair for musical talent?

Most families do somewhere so you are not alone. Being a musician myself (piano, voice, french horn), and coming from a fairly musical family, I never really wondered where our musical genealogy spurred from until a 1st cousin sent me a photo of a Hardanger fiddle (Norwegian) and its purple velvet lined case that belonged to our common grandfather (who died decades before either of us were even around) apparently played a musical instrument too!

Before I trek off to N'awlins tomorrow, I need to post about,as promised, two more forms for the month of January. Designing forms and other tools to help others with their family research apparently is one of my many talents and hopefully not the last one I myself learn about. It's not overnight that you find out your niche in life - I may have taken thirty eight years or so and am still learning more every day. I can only hope that others encourage the youth of this and fture generations to be open minded to all sorts of possibilites - that plans often change and change can end up being great.

January's two remainng forms are...

1. The file folder cover sheet (FOL) with divider tabs if you have tabbed folders available. See how it looks and think of how it may prove useful.

Clearly there are several organizational advantages to knowing exactly what is in a hardcopy or digital file folder prior to even opening it, but you also probably notice it quickly categorizes contents into life areas (yes if you use tabs on folder viders you can have that amazing benefit) and also prioirizes categoires by listing vital source areas/documents first!

These features allow you to, upon initial view of a folder, see exactly what is stored within, that it is where it belongs, what is most important, and even what still needs to be researched and added.

2. At a glance portrait file labels. The image below says it all!

Most filing systems as us office workers know oh so well are based on the duo orgnaizational systems of alphetabezation and numerical systems and sequencing of each of these or a combination of the two. Welcome the Genedocs tool that makes the duo an unbelievable trio!

Printing these on address labels and affixing to your hardcopy file folders works wonders since you instantly begin ignoring names and numbers and recall by your favorite portrait (inserted using MS Paint).
Did you say digital file version? Oh yes Windows and I'm sure Mac have the capability to view folders with a file image prview of what contents are within - it looks something like this and also works great!:

If you aren't using these Genedocs innovative tools already, trust me, it won't be long.