Highlighted Main Ancestral Lines

Highlighted Main Ancestral Lines
How many Ancestors Can you Find?

Monday, January 16, 2012

Let 2012 Begin with a Bang!

First I must say that it is nice to see 13 followers of my new blog so thanks for following!

What will 2012 bring for Genedocs? It has been a bit hectic starting school again (why two weeks went by in January without a post;-), but exciting things have been going on in many areas:

Sister published her first music CD so if you love jazz, contemporary, or classical flute and small ensemble work, please check it out on CDbaby.com.

That's it for the shameless plug, but she is my last living blood relative!

Security at Genedocs is understandably tight these days as RootsTech 2012 is also brewing to its 2nd year start. Genedocs is participating in the Developers Challenge (if Jim Ericson and crew can get the e-mail details out before whoa... tomorrow! I need to cut this short and check e-mail again;-) Anyway, as wonderful as it would be to attend the conference in person, there are still ways to be involved, blogging, following blogs, and planning for this and next years innovations for instance.

Ancestorville on facebook remains a great place for family networking and photo enhancement - here is a fine example from Candace Milsop and her son John who fixed great grandmother Johnnie (Gause) Dawes' shattered image as a 6-year old very well.

Candy's version:

Google Maps still useful (Use Global Streetview!:

This photo may be of Charlotta Swensdtr a sister of my great great grandfatehr Victor G Edlund. She supposedly also came to America, but no idea if she survived since ports and censuses don't list her. But the back of the photo was key in telling me where this lady was at one point. using Google maps and a simple search of the word on the reverse I end up with a street view of where the photo shop was!

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