Highlighted Main Ancestral Lines

Highlighted Main Ancestral Lines
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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Genedocs to Prepare You and Your Family for Emergencies

With the recent spree of horrific tornados that just swept the southern states killing over 300 people and turning thousands of homes upside-down and inside out, we really don't need any more reminders that unexpected things do happen and we can only be prepared.

As a recent transplant from Colorado Springs to North Texas I took for granted the last decade the threats of mother nature's fury - no more!

With a mother-in-law currently sleeping the weekend in the hospital recovering from completely unexpected pnuemonia detected only after she went in for microsurgery on her shoulder again I too find the genedocs Emergency Wallet Card one of the best tools any family member can have.

Just like we as researchers prepare to preserve and protect our priceless family photos, we must be prepared to identify ourselves and loved ones including minor children, have a list of emergency contacts, and other pertinant medical and other information that can be essential in any emergency.

I kept hearing about the beautiful and smart young female college student who was literally ripped from her boyfriend's arms by one of the twisters and was killed - and thought would my family be prepared for that?

Homes across mississippi exploded, imploded, and were tossed around like toothpicks along with all the beloved family treasures - would you be prepared for that?

Please carry and EWC and scan, back up, and share your family photos. You won't regret either precaution.

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