Highlighted Main Ancestral Lines

Highlighted Main Ancestral Lines
How many Ancestors Can you Find?

Sunday, April 3, 2011

April Buds and Blossoms

As we drift into springtime and the birds and bees sing and pollenate the landscape around us into a budding and blossoming panorama of Spring we, as researchers, need to focus some of our time and efforts to creating new beautiful ways to preserve our family legacy.

A few handy tools I have found recently for free or on trial to help enhance family photos are GIMP 2.6 which is basically a free alternative to more pricey Photoshop for those who don't see a need to pay for it and Xara 3d Maker which is a remarkable free trial animation tool for your text which saves in GIF or even flash formats. Here are a few of my novice creations with less than a week experience using each of these programs:

GIMP definitely is worth the time and effort to make literally outstanding ancestor charts! Another effect that everyone enjoys is the perspective manipulation tool which keeps nearly all of the pixel detail as you warp any picture to your desired angle of viewing (example shown two pictures after this)

XARA 3D has some amazing animation for dext and other special effects that I hadn't seen eslsewhere - 2 trials - 7 day and 15 day depending on what you prefer - my first ran out so maybe they allow a renewal of expired ones after you uninstall completely?

This discharge certificate from WWII of my father's was angled as if you are looking down at it, yet kept the image quality of the two service photos of him that I embedded prior to perspective manipulation with GMP 2.6

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