Highlighted Main Ancestral Lines

Highlighted Main Ancestral Lines
How many Ancestors Can you Find?

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Now that I have covered some of the required photo promotion as an Ambassador, it is also my duty to share some of my own experiences from past Rootstech attendance.  I went at a great time in 2013 when things weren't so exponentially enormous like attendance last year cresting over 21,000 clearly due to Donnie Osmond and members of the Presidential Bush family being celebrity keynotes that did what celebrities do - draw unprecedented attention and crowds!  My few days in 2013 were perhaps some of the most remarkable as far as interacting with others sharing the same interest and passion for family research!

I met fellow Geneabloggers Randy Seaver, and Heather Wilkinson Rojo, and Thomas MacEntee in person for starters which was great but somehow missed out on the prized geneablogger beads - hmmm?  That oversight will not reoccur in 2016 :-). 

You definitely want to bring a camera or camera phone for sure, your laptop, wireless items, chargers, business cards, swag to pass out, etc. 

I gave away about twenty T-Shirts for things as simple as the first person I met, the first person to sit next to me in a key note, the first person from TX to meet me, etc.  Even one fella with Swedish roots who was the first to tell me a great joke about the Norwegians and the Swedes!  Folks were always delighted and delightful to meet and there was never a moment without something fascinating to share with one another.

Did I mention there is a spot with an all you can eat sushi bar within walking distance?!  You will eat well too and the entertainment is great seeing the Mormon Tabernacle Choir rehearsal live and a Capella groups is all real treat also!

It was the ideal venue for spring boarding ideas in a crowd of like-minded folks for Genedocs.  Now I have some business to attend to.  See you there if you can make it in 2016!

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