Highlighted Main Ancestral Lines

Highlighted Main Ancestral Lines
How many Ancestors Can you Find?

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Yes - I am clearly not a champion blogger as many of my cohorts in the family research world!

It is the end of January and I am still toting a header with Rootstech from last year- LOL!

Anyway, this week an important milestone was reached in the Facebook Community at our very unique group "Genedocs Templates".  - We surpassed the 2,500 member mark!
STATISTIC OF THE WEEK:  It took about 5.5 months to double our membership at regular promotion speed.  Something I astonishingly accomplished with the first 1,274 members added to our group in its first 48 hours of existence!

That is even a little baffling for me to embrace after sacrificing 1,300 previous friends of the Genedocs Enhancements formerly Genedocs Wetpaint facebook profile now only listed as software interest page with over 1,300 likes - thank you team Zuckerberg!  I had wisely invested 2011 to Aug 2014 gaining those genealogy minded friends and will certainly reconnect with them all again after searching out each of them to promote our fantastic group so they can be members with access to the templates without going to a separate website as folks had to prior to 9 Aug 2014.

WHAT IS NEXT FOR GENEDOCS?:  Many people are likely wondering and even a few have had the gumption to ask me directly where this momentum is taking the Genedocs Improved Family Research Tools program.  Here is the answer everyone will likely fall in love with!


    Since 2011, I have received 99.9% positive feedback on all that Genedocs offers so the next logical step is to build something  productive that can generate tremendously
needed income after struggling since 2003 with an inheritance theft, delayed lawsuit, and fruitless collection efforts to date that can put my wealth of family research knowledge, technical knowledge, military/ corporate/ and federal experience, estate planning and legacy preservation hindsight all to great use helping others in our new era of digital family history preservation.  

     In addition to generating a PayPal site where interested group members will be exclusively offered a once in perhaps a year opportunity to have an attractive digital chart generated, I will also set up a site to accept donations from folks loving the program, but not yet certain they are ready for my vastly improved custom charting business.  


I have been encouraged to charge anywhere from $60 - $100 for some of the charts I generate which seems a bit high, but since I did earn my Bachelors Degree and am making no where near the $48,000 a year DeVry claims it is worth ;-), I will offer a fair price for the effort and time it takes to generate each chart - more later on that.

DISCOUNTS? COUPONS? :I will reserve the right to offer discounts via coupons or other promotions as I see fit.
This will be done at my own pace so long as it does not detract from the quality of business output and my own time management.


     I will be seeking out a handful of fortunate volunteer members from our groups first 2,500 for gauging the fundamentals involved in common business practices; specific agreement of parties, dispute resolution, input on promotional chart examples for comparison, and of course their sampling of a random family grouping to base time needed to gather information and materials in reliable digital formats, electronically send them, examine them for legal use, and generate a proof for a prospective client.

     The materials and information will revolve around the following common aspects of family research and related businesses:

1.  All ancestors to be listed on charts must be deceased
     in order to preserve the privacy of the living.  Death 
     Certificate images MANDATORY Sibling data will be 
     limited to year spans and states of vital events for 
     the same reasons but they may be alive although the 
     likelihood of this combination would be particularly

2.  All imagery (portraits, documents, graphics, etc.) 
     provided by any client must be their sole property and 
     not under any copyright restriction or other legal 
     limitation.  The client alone will bear the full legal burden 
     of violating copyright infringement laws.  Suspect imagery
     can be withdrawn from proofs or a final chart at any time
     with no impact on pricing, payment, or recourse in 
     dispute resolution processes.

3.  The designer/compiler of the digital chart will hold full 
     rights to display completed charts (not proofs) as 
     Genedocs promotional materials for future business 
     development and growth without restriction whatsoever 
     from any client. 

4.  This charting business is strictly my personal endeavor 
     and not related to my previous or current work at the 
     National Archives primarily in a warehouse labor capacity 
     which to date has had nothing whatsoever to do with 
     NARA's genealogy services.  

More will be determined as future business related efforts unfold...now to change my blog header to something more current!

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