Highlighted Main Ancestral Lines

Highlighted Main Ancestral Lines
How many Ancestors Can you Find?

Monday, October 13, 2014

Genedocs Templates membership still Exploding on Facebook

In August much of the work I had done over the past four years as Genedocs Enhancements and Genedocs Wetpaint was suddenly lost after I had a marathon membership push in one weekend with the new group Genedocs Templates.  Facebook shut down my main profile and I was left only with my name profile all because they claimed Genedocs didn't appear to be a name.  The group remained with its 1273+ members gained in just two days and a couple of members took over as admins in my confused social networking state.  I rebounded claimed my rightful place as the founder now under my own name and pressed on.

We now have almost 2100 members in just a few months - it took four years to gain the 1300+ friends of Genedocs enhancements so the Group is much more effective!  Also the group adds the following perks:

1. The File area contains all the templates for FREE download to members
    That's 30 Featured templates, 10 bonus templates, and many more series exclusives like the new Military research log format/version:

2. The threads allow for multiple examples to be on display and explained including how to tutorials when members aren't sure how something is actually done.

3.  Member only content like links to Youtube.com private videos showing how to do more complex tasks like crop people out of portraits, use GIMP to alter view angle perspective, and inserting cropped ancestors onto altered chart perspective views.

You should be joining us on facebook if you haven't already - just search Genedocs Templates!  See you there!

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