Highlighted Main Ancestral Lines

Highlighted Main Ancestral Lines
How many Ancestors Can you Find?

Sunday, March 23, 2014

                                 Transcribed From My Writings on Reflections at Work in Jan 2014

The intent of a document is critical to understanding it.  Only so much can be inferred by the reader.  Beyond that, the designer of the template must include his or her specific intent textually somewhere within the document.  Whether he or she chooses to make this statement of intent visible to the naked eye is entirely up to the designer.  Beware of white of near white text since it can be sifted through via click and drag or Optical Character Recognition (OCR) programs’ detection abilities.

Some Key Questions to Ask when Reviewing Any Document:

Q1.  Why was this document generated?

Q2.  What agency or organization generated this particular version of this document?

Q3.  Is this version of the document possibly a copy and or altered?

Q4.  What benefit could be gained by altering and/or copying this particular document?

i.e;  Any DD Form 214 clearly states that it is for official discharge from United States Military Service using a template that clarifies all of the particulars of the listed service member’s time in that specified branch.  Recent versions have a particular anti-alteration background for sections of the document that might be used for nefarious benefits eligibility so they require verification of the member’s copy to the government filed original prior to issuance of such benefits.    

I see I now have 25 blog followers!  Thank you all for reading my fairly sparse posts here - I hope to improve my frequency once better paying work can be acquired as you can surely understand.

 - Eric

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