Highlighted Main Ancestral Lines

Highlighted Main Ancestral Lines
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Saturday, August 3, 2013

    First I extend apologies to followers who have been wanting some posts over the past few months, but I needed to complete my last two college courses and graduate!

       It has been a month since I graduated from DeVry and recently I have realized the importance of not only preserving these milestones with photographic evidence for future generations to enjoy, but that my degree will be key to obtaining employment that will allow my the financial freedom to escape the often quite laborious physical work I have been enduring for the past 26 months at the National Archives.  

    Normally this blog is all about Genedocs, but today I will make the exception to allow you to know a snapshot in its Founder's life.  The past week I worked 40 hours and slept probably a bit more than 40 for the first time in the past two years.  Why?  Physical exhaustion is all I can answer because I am not in my thirties anymore when moving 2000 boxes from 7am to 1pm really knocked it out of me (2003 Docuvault).       
     No, now I am in my early forties and my back starts to become sore sooner along with my feet from standing seven out of eight hours of work.  Why must I work so hard?  There are many reasons, but it clearly began with because someone in my family didn't honor their word and stole two thirds of an inheritance from our grandparents that was worth over half a million dollars.  Don't get me wrong - I do not want anyone's sympathy and mostly blame lawyers who didn't protect our grandparents estate more thoroughly.  Still, I think it important to recall that I had very responsible plans for that hard earned saved and invested share of inheritance money that I believe my grandparents would have certainly considered very wise:  

1) Purchase a good house and have it at least half paid for.  

2) Replace our aging two door hatchback with a four door sedan and add a cheaper reliable SUV Hyundai Santa Fe to our family fleet. 

3) Invest in completing my Bachelors Degree for better career opportunities 

4) Keep at least a year's worth of income in a safety net money market account or better solid investment.

     12 years after that family betrayal and 5 years after we realized in court how quickly it could all be wasted by someone so completely financially irresponsible, I guess I am doing alright to have even completed one of these goals after depending heavily on repayable financial aid, but we really do need #2 and #4 these days more than ever.  Helping family in a new state has unexpectedly helped with not needing #1 for a few years, but there is still a struggle with not enough income and the job market seems not much better than when I was last unemployed.  I can only continue to apply for better openings and revel on the day I can give my two weeks notice after securing something more depending on my mind than muscles.

   Now you have a better idea hopefully of why there is the "Life Legacy Changing Forms Series" in the Genedocs Innovative Forms Library - I don't want this struggle to unnecessarily be endured by you or your relatives...only one family deserves such a sacrifice and he knows well why!



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