World War I and II and Beyond

World War I and II and Beyond
2015 Marks Many World War Anniversaries - I Share this 3 Consecutive Generations of Service Tribute in the Jelle Line of our Tree

Saturday, December 29, 2012

RootsTech 2013 Here comes Genedocs!

     I am sick today (Arggh) but Finally!  I have managed the funding to attend this one of a kind meeting of genealogy users and application designers.  I am fortunate to be finishing up school and get the $39 student registration rate too!

. walluped regular posted air fare websites from $1,055 down to $394 also!
Sadly, with my focus on schoolwork, I missed the deadline to formally present.  I will be unofficially viewing on my laptop with all the Genedocs tools for others walking by to be in sheer awe of, but there is always next year for the formal stuff.  I will surely see what demand is generated from those seeing it to guage more innovative additions and business applications.

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