Highlighted Main Ancestral Lines

Highlighted Main Ancestral Lines
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Saturday, October 1, 2011

1889 Letter Confirming Marriage Date

So many friends on facebook enjoyed, commented, and shared after I posted a photo of my grandmother Kaye (Dawes) Edlund's handwritten pedigree chart that I decided to share this transcribed letter from her mother Johnnie to her father John to help envision what lives were like about 130 years ago:

Office of Pickwick Hotel
B.B. Arrington, Proprietor
Table Supplied With the Best the MArket Affords
Porters Meet all Trains

Crockett, Texas May 11th, 1890

My darling husband,

Your letter that you wrote to cheer the lovely sabbath wasn't rec'd until yesterday. It was rather short but very sweet. I intended answering yesterday but had a severe headache and instead of it getting better it got worse so I concluded to wait until today to write.

I have been in the kitchen helping Bunnie(person) ice cakes. Taking lessons you know went over home this morn and wore my dress I made -everyone said it looked awful cute, saw my prarie dog and what do you think - he has dug him a deep hole in the back yard. Everyone has the mad dog craze here, the men shoot every dog they see on the streets and I really don't believe there has been a mad dog in the town.

Darling I don't want you to go overe in Mexico any more for those hateful old Mexicans might kill you. I read an account of three drummers being killed over there a few days ago and I don't want you over there for I don't intend to let anyone kill you, if I wan't you killed I can kill you myself.

Just think my darling we have been married a year yesterday and it doesn't seem sic months to me because you have been so good to me and have been so happy. If you didn't have to be away so much I would be the happiest mortal in the world. When do you realy think you will come to see me? Lots of love & kisses from your loving wife Johnnie.

This is just one of four letters my grandmother saved that her parents had exchanged in their first year of marriage and her mother passed down to her - all priceless treasures!

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