Highlighted Main Ancestral Lines

Highlighted Main Ancestral Lines
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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Genedocs: Crossing the Line

Normally I would restrict this blog to genealogy, but today it is time to be crossing the line...

I cross this line to help you and others be prepared, because if you are not prepared - you have prepared to fail your family.

I have crossed the line. Where family researchers confortably seek out death certificates excitedly on a regualr basis, I stepped intrepidly across the line and challenged people through Genedocs to draft their own.

Where genealogists peruse obituaries regularly gleaning key information, I again stepped over that line with Genedocs daring people to write their own full obit. before their last day approaches them.

Where emergency workers and funeral sales people promote the need for certain groups to have an ICE (In Case of Emergency)card handy on their person, I once more jumped over that line with Genedocs insisting every person without an Emergency Wallet Card (EWC) for themselves and each of their legal dependants was begging for pandemonium and utter personal chaos upon their next family emergency/death in the family or lost/missing child.

I crossed the line once more with Genedocs because when an ambulance arrives at your next family medical emergency you will need a HIPPA release authorization handy just to have the legal right in writing to know just where they are taking your child, spouse, parent, grandparent, etc.

Where attorneys and financial experts profess the absolute necessity for all working and retired people to have a solid estate plan including last wills or trusts, I lept over the line once more with Genedocs explaining how attorneys and a CPA failed to protect the wealth of a grandfather from his con-artist first born son from taking over $300,000 from his other two decent grandchildren. How for thirty years both the attorneys and CPA neglected to even contact this grandfather to even verify that his westate plan involve every family member he loved and wanted to benefit from his estate after his eventual passing. With Genedocs over that line I freely offer not only my recommended estate plan, but also my recommended wish and asset lists because your estate is about so much more personal things than money.

I crossed the line and can share with you how one brother and sister came through Hell and back so you and your loved ones don't have to endure the unbearable pain of having your family ripped apart by the highly probable yet unforseen misunderstandings we all take for granted every day. This injustice happens nearly every day somewhere in the U.S. more often than most attorneys would ever dare admit - after all they collect on both ends of this dishonor whether their help saves a family or destroys it through drafting last wills and trusts, later probating them, and litigating prolonged agonizing disputes when such tools fail miserably to fairly distribute estate assets to heirs both named and unnamed.

I cross this line to help you and others be prepared, because if you are not prepared - you have prepared to fail your family.

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