Highlighted Main Ancestral Lines

Highlighted Main Ancestral Lines
How many Ancestors Can you Find?

Friday, January 28, 2011

Genedocs blog begins today.

Genedocs = Genealogy + documents. 

     Genealogy and documents have been intertwined since people began storytelling by hand thousands of years ago.  Now that it is the year 2011, we amazingly can tell family stories across the globe using computers, e-mail, and postings like this one found all over the Internet.  Global networking is an unbelievable tool for family researchers! 

      Genedocs is currently a FREE program made up of several key parts for anyone with any level of interest in their family tree (just starting out to the most season brick wall buster) and/or preserving their family legacy:

1.  Foundation:  Genedocs Innovative Forms Library  (A gold mine For researching MS Office Users - also works for mac users via open office applications minimum base of 30 Featured templates and infinitely expandable for improvements)

      A.  Have you ever seen a Hybrid Chart ?; with ancestry, portraits, siblings' data, source information, and unlimited customized comments? 

Think about what you just read - that is everything every researcher wants and all on just one form!

  - Ancestry    CHECK
  - Portraits of Ancestors as Adults and as Children!CHECK
  - Sibling Data with portraits and spouse details   CHECK
  - Source Informationdisclaimers, full source details, and even up
                                          to vital certificates right on the chart!              
                                                                      ASTOUNDING CHECK!
  - Unlimited Custom Comments  - from you the compiler to emphasize what really matters and your journey's hurdles so the rewarding evidence is never lost again.  Also includes privacy options to better handle who can view what you want them to.  CHECK

    B.  Would you be interested in a photographic family group sheet that can
           handle 26 members and their portraits all on one sheet?

For all of you with Group Photos you've spent years identifying each person shown  - especially the big farming and other large families that other group sheets split up on several pages increasing the likeliness of being lost foreverExpandable enough to be a photographic and informative database in itself.

     C.  A Series of Life Legacy Changing Forms that help you handle the
           inevitable - no, not taxes!           

2.  Genedocs E-Magazine:  Usually published monthly NLT the 2nd
          SATURDAY of months Jan - Oct/Nov - Nov depends entirely on reader
          feedback.  Each issue covers in better detail the following:

   A.  THREE of the Featured forms in a logical sequence through the many
         common areas of research;  (organization, interviewing, charting, photo
         impact, military service, biographies, descend tracking, dating photos,

    B.  A BONUS Form or template - new handy finds or creations

    C.  A monthly Series Exclusive Form Template or Tool - useful
          concepts that may never be released again.

3.  Where to access the Library and E-Magazines:

A. FREE to join via http://www.genedocs.weptaint.com/
   1). Set up a profile
    2). Send an e-mail from your regular account to 
     genedocs@hotmail.com telling how you heard about Genedocs and what
    attracted you to join.

   3). Wait about a day for the Members page link where Featured Forms
         templates are attached at the bottom of the page and links at the upper
         left get you to the E-Magazine page and other Member Exclusive

4. Genedocs is also on facebook and has a few downloadable and printable motivational better offerings on the cheap at Lulu.com

...a longer first blog, but remember first impressions are this important!
Eric/Genedocs Founder

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