Highlighted Main Ancestral Lines

Highlighted Main Ancestral Lines
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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Rootstech Conference Pass Contest

We made it to 5,000 Genedocs Templates Facebook Members!  To Celebrate...

As Christmas fast approaches, I have figured out just how to select the contest and winner of my Ambassador Contest Pass and it is definitely true to the heart of Genedocs legacy preservation goals - I will begin accepting submissions via the Facebook Genedocs Templates group page for one week: starting December 26 2015 through January 1st 2016.

What the Pass includes: one 3-DAY PASS, it includes the following
  • over 200 classes
  • Keynotes
  • General sessions
  • Getting Started classes
  • Expo hall
  • Evening events
NOTE:  Here are the short rules you must comply with:

1.  To qualify, you must be able to attend Rootstech 2016 Conference in Salt Lake City from Feb 4 - 6, 2016, handle the expense of your own travel to and from the conference, hotel accommodations, and meals.  The prize pass is non-transferable beyond the winner and will be instead presented to a runner up participant should the initial selected winner not meet this basic eligibility criteria.  If the winner has already secured their registration prior to the contest, then Rootstech can and will reimburse them for their previous purchase of a like valued or lesser valued pass for the conference so that they may take advantage of this prize pass.

2.  To enter, you must submit a brand new template of your own designing using MS Office tools.

3. To enter, you will submit your template including a relevant privacy screened example from your family tree to the "Files" area of the Genedocs Templates Facebook Group page with a file name that includes both the words Rootstech and Contest.

4.  Your template must be a tool that you could have most benefited from when you first began your family research whether you began last week or sometime decades ago.  It should be universally applicable to others doing similar research in the following categories.

5.   Your template submission should focus on one of the following general categories:

- Hybrid Category: Preservation of both Textual Information, Photographic Information, and Detailed Source Document Information in a better organized unique format relevant to best organizing family research findings.
- Legal Category: (best method of organizing uncovered Last Wills, Trust documents, Contested Wills, etc. and their significance to the family as a whole)
- Audio/Visual Bonanza:  Preserving a minimum of three audio and/or visual clips (1-2 minutes maximum for each clip in MS PPT

6.    Your template must be created using in MS Office (Word, Excel, or Power Point) and include a relevant  example from your family tree for at least one deceased relative (= without any concerns for privacy of the living.)  This means your template must be accompanies by a clear graphic example (screenshot  pasted from your own family tree)   Please make it professional looking enough to post on social media since by submitting your template and relevant example from your tree you are consenting for the  template and example to be viewed and tried out on other family trees by the 5,000+ like minded family researchers who make up the membership of the Genedocs Templates Facebook Group administered  by Eric Jelle / Genedocs Founder and Contest Judge.

7.   Submissions meeting all of these guideline rules prior to the cutoff date and time of 11:59 on 1 Jan 2016,
will be judged on the following elements/factors creativity,  relevancy, professional appearance of the screenshot shared example and the template as a whole, and ease of use for family researchers of all skill and experience levels.

Good Luck!

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